Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's that time of the year again, when all of my term papers are due. I switched my major to Anthropology (1) because it's interesting and (2) because it's much easier than your typical "pre-med" major so it balances my coursework well. It's easy throughout the year because we only have short essays due and a term paper at the end of the semester, no tests. Too bad when I'm taking four classes that have presentations due this week and next week, and four papers due right after Thanksgiving break the classes aren't that much "easier".

In case your curious, (because I know you all are dying to know what I'm writing about) here are my topics:

1. "Who says one wife is enough? The evolution of socially imposed monogamy"

2. College Greek Students' Opinions on Racism

3. The effects of cosleeping on marital relationships

4. I don't know yet.

I've collected my literature on most of the topics. The first one listed is more of a research paper, the second one is a scientific paper on surveys I had to conduct, and the third is a research proposal. All of them though are still 15 pages long. I have a presentation Wednesday for the second one listed and a poster presentation on the third one listed next week.

I've done just about all I can do to procrastinate. I've also been checking Facebook like all the time to see if my engagement photos are up yet, I'm just a tad bit excited and anxious....I've been waiting a while! We should be up next, or soon though. That's why I'm so anxious.

This past weekend Jake and I celebrated one of our friend's 21st birthday and then they all left to go downtown to the bars. Someday I'll be 21, unfortunately, it'll be during finals week of next semester. Saturday the weather was beautiful, and it was probably my favorite game of the year to be at. The atmosphere was great, the game was good, and like I said, the weather was perfect. Today, on the other hand, I've been freezing my butt off all day.

On a side note:

#1 on my Christmas list------The Ipad Mini

What could be better than this? I messed with it for a while at Bestbuy today. It's small, lightweight, and can do everything an ipad can do with HP photo, SIRI, 10 hour battery...and the list goes on and on and on. Better than an Iphone, and it can just slip into my purse to take to class. How wonderful. (The salesman had me sold) Plus I can download all of these anatomy study applications, I can read my class readings in class before I take the quizzes that I usually don't do well on, I can make flashcards to study for exams, and I can get on Facebook in class while pretending to take notes. Yes, you may be thinking my computer can do all of that, and it can, but my computer is large and if I only want to bring a small bag to my classes this will be perfect.

Okay, so I guess we'll see how lucky I get, I just thought I'd throw that idea out there ;)  haha.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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