Tuesday, July 19, 2016

pediatric lessons

I've been at an outpatient pediatric clinic the past couple weeks, here are some fun things I wanted to share with you all about one of the most common problems I've been seeing with the kids.

Recognize some physical signs of allergies in kids:

That white line on kids' noses they get in the summer 

(photo from here)

Allergic shiners 
(I started taking my allergy medicine again when I realized my dark circles may just be allergies....turns out they went away :) )

(photo from here)

Dennie Morgan Lines

(photo from here)

Cobblestones in the conjunctiva (pull back the lower lid a little and you can see these)

Allergies manifest in different ways and sometimes kids and parents don't even know they have them! But if the child is having problems with a cold, cough, or itchy eyes, he or she just may need to try some over the counter allergy medicine!

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