Wednesday, December 7, 2016

dewy skin

I've always loved the look of bright dewy skin. The tutorials online go way to overboard, so I'm sharing a dewy skin idea that can be worn every day. This is the makeup I wear every day and I love it because 1) it's fast and easy and 2) it looks exactly like skin (but better!) instead of cake textured make up that clumps in areas by the end of the day. Dewy skin is something I've been trying to achieve for over a year. Whenever I wear makeup or viewed makeup on others I often wished it wouldn't look so flat and matte. I realize oily skin types need areas such as the T zone to be less greasy-looking but glowing in the right places adds a lot of life to your face.

Dr Jart color correcting cream review

The biggest tips I have found the past year for bright dewy skin: 

Get rid of foundation 
and use concealer to cover your skin imperfections and/or a color correcting formula such as this or this. Show your skin!

A Sephora employee convinced me to use my Sephora coupon on this color correcting cream that goes from green (cancels redness) to your flesh tone. This is truly your skin but better! It has SPF and nutrients for keeping skin plump and keeping it moisturized. The flesh color it fades too really does last all day. I've never seen anything like it, it's really amazing. It doesn't work well on extremely dark skin, I noticed this when the sales rep put it on her hand. I then put some concealer under my eyes and over any acne if I have some that day.

Dr. Jart color correcting cream review

RMS highlighter review

Use cream products: Highlighter, Blush, and Bronzer
(If you are oily you might need to use a powder over your T zone) 
The RMS highlighter is a beauty cult favorite because it has zero glitter in it and simply just looks dewy. It will last you all day as well. I often find the powder highlighters are too much for me on a day to day basis because they contain glitter and in clinic I don't want to be wearing glitter. They work well in different environments, but this zero glitter formulation is my favorite! 

rms highlighter swatch

rms uncover up concealer review
(the brown pot is not bronzer in my picture, it is eyebrow pomade)

In case you want to LOL at me, I included some pictures. This is so embarrassing, by no means am I a makeup model! 

dewy skin tutorial

dewy makeup tutorial

Whoops somebody send me a beauty blender. That blush spot on the cheek needs some help.

dewy skin tutorial

dewy makeup turotial

dewy skin tutorial

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