Monday, March 25, 2013

Dessert Disasters

Quick Tuesday Post: 

A few weeks ago I wanted to try cooking some new desserts, like our cook at Gphi's (Cheryl's) carmalitas. As I was getting supplies with Jake at Hyvee I saw a kit for Creme Brulee and I grabbed that too.

The Creme Brulee was a flop. It may be due to a number of reasons: my milk and heavy whipping cream mixture was scorching in the pot and I didn't have small enough dishes to put it in.  The recipe also said to eat right from the oven,  we did that, and it was very soupy. As we were throwing it out a couple hours later, (we only took a few bites because the taste wasn't awesome either), we noticed the custardy part began to set up. We didn't try eating it again though.

My next dessert disaster began great. 

The recipe for the carmelitas can be found here 

Basically it's just oatmeal bars, caramel, and chocolate chips in layers. It comes out of the oven as gooey and chocolatey bars.

Here comes the disaster part. I accidentally left the pan sit on the burner I was using. Soon I start smelling an awful burning smell and I jump up to see my poor carmelitas boiling/bubbling. They looked fine from the top, (after I removed them from the hot stove), but the bottom showed the problem. The taste was also ruined and every bite then tasted like burnt toast.

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