Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to School

Well, after a good week at home it's back to school for me. I have class in the morning until 12:30 everyday and then summer camp stuff after that. I don't mind being busy, in fact, I prefer it instead of staying in all day studying, like what my last semester consisted of. The only problem I run into is, with only NINE days until the MCAT, I kinda should be freaking out - but instead, I'm calm. Most of you are probably thinking, "well that's good, you have been practicing and studying for this for so long, you are probably prepared" and you'd be wrong. I will never be prepared, it's just so stinkin' hard. I'm serious. I just got my worse score on a practice test yesterday, which is so aggravating when you are tracking your progress and it appears as if you aren't seeing progress!

To top yesterday's awful day off, Jake's car broke down in a parking garage and we had to get it towed by AAA before the garage would tow it at 10:00 p.m. We also didn't eat supper until 9 p.m. because of that mess and so we were both NOT happy campers. His car is now sitting in the lot we paid for at UNL (which he legally can park in all summer; we had stopped at the parking garage where he was "stuck" to get parking passes for the summer). It's not fixed, but something will get figured out.

My summer class is called Women in Pop Culture, and it's pretty great so far. Our teacher is full of spunk, and so our class discussions are fun and entertaining. Yesterday and today we just watched Sex and the City the movie and talked about it. The other in class assignments include watching Hunger Games, Twilight Movies, Scandal, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, The Help, and other fun TV shows. Our outside reading isn't too difficult, we have a few articles to read everyday analyzing the portrayal of women in these TV shows and then we are supposed to read The Help, Twilight, and the Hunger Games (book 1). Today we discussed the Sex and the City movie and it was really interesting talking about things that you don't notice that the directors and producers are doing in each scene. Even the way the script is written all has meaning and our teacher pointed out many specific cases.

This past weekend we watched Anna receive her diploma at FHS! How exciting! This summer she'll be heading to the Cayman Islands for a few weeks and then will work at Endicott Clay before she heads to UNL in the fall!

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