Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Summer has arrived. Or at least some sort of break, even though my days are filled with a needed 6 hours of MCAT studying a day. 

Yesterday Mom and I spent some time together finishing up some last minute graduation things needed for Anna. Then Jake and I made some chimichangas from this recipe . They weren't that good, but I think it was because we had too much cream cheese in them. 

Last Saturday morning Jake GRADUATED! How exciting! 

We picked up his diploma in the Hawks building at 8:30 a.m. because they cancelled his ceremony due to the rain, but that was ok. (It was supposed to be outdoors at Memorial Stadium) Some students were really mad, I'm happy as long as he's happy, and he was! The dean still handed him his diploma in front of his family and he still had plenty of photos taken. I thought it was a great morning! Afterwards we went to breakfast with his family.

That same day we went to Kearney to celebrate the wedding of Jake's cousin J. Paul. They had a wonderful reception (with probably 1300+ guests!)  and a few photos can be seen on their photographer's blog found here:

*You'll want to check them out, beautiful!
Here are some others we took that day of us :)

Oh, and here are few more photos of my birthday week! I spent it with some of these ladies, and Jenna came down from Omaha and treated me to Margaritas later in the week as well!

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