Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Destroyed Denim

Last weekend Jake went through his jeans and threw me some to "destroy" for him. He gave me a couple of pairs that didn't really fit him and he thought if they looked cooler he might wear them. 

I gathered my supplies: sanding block, cardboard piece, scissors, and a razor blade. Then I measured where his knee lies by folding the bottom of the pants up where the  seam is and marked it with my pen.

At the knee, I made horizontal slits with the razor blade as big as I wanted the hole to be. Don't forget to insert the cardboard so you don't cut all the way through the jeans! I made some thick cuts that went all the way through the denim and then some "scratchy" cuts that only probably cut through half of the fibers. I wanted a lot of white fibers to still be there when I was finished in the hole. 

I made a few more holes at the legs, and then worked on the pockets. I sanded the edges and made some cuts on the belt loops to make them look rougher. I made some rows of slits in the coin pocket  as well.
For the back pockets I made nicks with the razor blade around the edges of the pockets, sanded the edges, nicked the belt loops, and made rows of horizontal slits for a hole in one of the pockets.

When I was all finished making cuts, I threw the jeans in the washing machine and the holes came out really well. Next time I will probably make the holes larger, but I was nervous since this was the first time I'd ever (heaven forbid) destroyed anything. I also read to run them through the laundry cycle twice for best results. I was lazy so I only did it once before I took the photos. 

I also decided to try this on some of my jeans :

Haha. Yeah right.  Those are my brand new 1969 jeans from Gap. I'm still waiting on a day cool enough to wear them.

When I showed Jake my hard work he was dissapointed. He thought I was going to make him "man cuttoffs."

Sorry Jake, you have one too many pairs of these already.

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