Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Week @ UNL

The past few weeks we've been getting Anna situated in her new dorm room. 

After a long week of recruitment, she joined a great new sorority:

Our classes are all right this semester. Anna's I think will be okay. I'm in my hardest (and last) semester here at UNL with Anatomy and Biochem. It will be a lot of work to remember all that I've learned before and apply it to these classes, but I'll be okay. I'm also taking "Native Americans of the Great Plains" and "Introduction to Archaeology".  Not too many classes, but Anatomy has two lectures and two labs a week that seem to go on forever. 

Every morning and a couple afternoons a week I work at an elementary school where I am a supervisor for the YMCA before school program. We had a head lice outbreak last week and so that required me to help check 200 kids for head lice! Yuck :( I saw amounts of lice that gave me nightmares. I've been insisting that Jake check me for lice every night, so far so good! 

Last night, Jake, Christine, and I hung out with my parents at the new Pinnacle Bank Arena in the Haymarket and then headed to the game. The rest of the weekend I'll be devoting to "catching" up on my science classes that I didn't know I was so behind on. We have a lab test wednesday already. I also have to have a couple of books read. Getting older stinks when it comes to school ! 

Hope you all enjoy the Labor Day Weekend! 

I hope to have a couple fun posts this week of some projects that I've been working on!

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