Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wedding Photos (and scary fraud stuff!)

We are so excited to see some great photos that our photographer posted on Facebook and some more of her favorites she shared at this website (password "bell"):   

We LOVE looking at these photos and they really remind us both how lucky we were to have everyone that helped celebrate with us on our big day! I'm so happy that we will always have these photos (and eventually video too) that will help us cherish this day forever! 

Now, onto some not so "mushy-lovey-dovey" events in our lives....I posted my wedding dress on craigslist and have had some not so serious inquiries about it. I was finally contacted through the craigslist e-mail service from a "Cheryl Barber" and she wanted to know if I accepted cashier's checks and if she could have my phone number for some more questions about the dress. I gladly gave it to her, along with times that I was available for her to look at the dress, and she texted me "What's your firmest price and what is the condition of the dress." I had already tried to google her name, and find her on Facebook, and I was unsuccessful at creeping on her, but when she started texting me I spontaneously got an idea to type in "Cheryl Barber Wedding Dress" into google - I thought she might own a used wedding dress store or something. 

Then I found many entries of "Cheryl Barber - Craigslist Wedding Dress FRAUD." I began reading how she sends either illegal checks, or checks that bounce, or fake cashier's checks in an attempt to "phish" for information about you. She asks you to send the check back or something from your bank and then she gets your account numbers and terrorizes you. We tried to report her phone number that she used to the .gov website for fraud stuff (because online all the phone numbers victims listed for her were different) but to report fraud you have to have stuff taken from you and fortunately we didn't make it that far. 

Long story short, she said she wanted to buy the dress and asked for my full address -- I said I no longer accept cashier's checks -- aaaaaaand I haven't heard from her since. BUT I saw activity on my Facebook security that my account was logged in on from New Jersey so that began a series of events which led to very complicated password changes on every internet site that I belong too. 

Let this be a lesson to all of us -- 
the internet is not a safe place for personal info. (take security precautions) , 

avoid people named Cheryl Barber, 

and craigslist stinks. 

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