Sunday, August 24, 2014

med school orientation

After a busy week getting oriented at UNMC and a great white coat ceremony, I now feel officially like a medical student. All week (and this weekend) my body has been acting extremely strange in response to the anxiety and stress that comes with this new journey. I've found this time to be useful in setting out a study plan,  exercise plan, "break" plan, and time for meal prepping to help make sure that I will continue to stay healthy. 

We've spent the week learning about what medical school will be like, but also about how to take care of ourselves when we are under a lot of pressure and stress. It may sound like I'm being a bit dramatic, but I'm not. Even after one week of just an orientation I've had a few freak outs because my body is acting so strange and it upsets me because it feels like I have no control over what's happening. For example, this past week I've had abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, and a LOT of muscle soreness and tightness (neck, back, shoulders especially) that has caused me a ton of discomfort and pain. I've kept up with my exercise routine and plan to do so, but I've also come to realize that if there's ever a time that I need to be on top of my health, it's probably now. 

I'm one that skips meals occasionally and I've set aside time on Sundays to ensure that I plan a nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to give me the energy so my brain can work at its full potential for the week. I can't even put into words at how nervous and scared I am to start medical school, but "planning" this stuff out seems to be helping me realize that everything can be okay. 

This week was more or less a "syllabus week" in college. Monday we start right away with lecture and so we met with some professors to learn the structure, resources, and grading systems in place. 

In case you're wondering, my first core is a ten week Anatomy session which will consist of lab (cadaver dissection), embryology lecture, lecture, and "living anatomy." (From my understanding, living anatomy will be palpating different organs on a partner).

In addition to anatomy I will also have an "ICE" class that helps prepare us for interacting with patients. Not exactly sure what this entails but I believe they hire actors to be easy and difficult patients and train us to communicate and interact effectively with patients.

As far as my blog goes, I want you all to know that I will be extremely busy and since Jake will no longer have someone to talk to, he will be taking over. So be ready to hear posts about his fantasy football team, how hard the CPA exam is, strange Cabela's customers, and his opinions of college football drama. 

P.S. I was joking. Jake will not be taking over the blog :) I'll use my study breaks to keep you in the medical school loop :). 

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