Wednesday, November 5, 2014

brown sugar caramel cookies

A few weekends ago Jake and I whipped up some brown sugar caramel cookies that I saw on pinterest. ( Original recipe here ) 

They were amazing the first two days, but got pretty dry (even though they were stored airtight) after a few days. 

They look nothing like the recipe photo even though I followed the directions perfectly, so that kind of makes me mad too.

brown sugar caramel cookie recipe

(Before you think in your minds that mine were overdone, I assure you they were not, in fact some were too underdone and were gross in the middle. Maybe the lighting is making them a tad darker than they actually were. Or maybe my oven isn't as wonderful as the original baker's? )

brown sugar caramel cookie recipe

brown sugar caramel cookie recipe

brown sugar caramel cookie recipe

So go ahead and try them out yourself and let me know if yours turn out as nice as the original recipe's did! They really were delicious cookies, the salt on top complimented the caramel filling wonderfully!

If I make these again, I'll half the recipe because, like I mentioned above, they dried out before we could finish eating them all.

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