Friday, March 27, 2015

lush bath bombs review

The past few months I've been loving my discovery of the bath bomb. I've tried a few of them, and so I'll discuss the ones that I've tried. I've never taken many baths but, since I've been living alone most of the winter, it's been nice to relax calmly with a good book (or my study guides) and a bath. Most of them contain some oils and so my skin is slightly softer. I can't see myself using them as much during these warmer months, but who knows.

For all of these I get about three uses by cutting them open with a butter knife at the seams. It's not really necessary to use the entire bomb for one bath (unless you have a giant bathtub).

lush bath bomb review sex bomb dragon egg so white

1. Dragon Egg 

This is my favorite bomb that I've tried. Although I didn't manage to get a good picture, the center is orange and the outside is white. It's also filled with "soap confetti" or something colorful in the center. Smells like orange sherbet, lemon citrus, and bergamot. It's one of their "showy" bombs because it fizzes, crackles and curls while changing colors. 

lush dragon egg bath bomb review
This is around the amount that I use per bath. Buffy is on the left.

lush dragon egg bath bomb review

lush dragon egg bath bomb review

2. Sex Bomb

This one is one of their best sellers...I'm not sure if it's because of it's name, it's smell, or it's look. I wanted to try some of their best sellers, and this one has a cute little floating soap rose in it (see first photo). This contains ylang ylang (tree used in perfumes), jasmine, sage, and soya milk (makes the water milky for smoother skin). To me it's basically a subtle floral scent that almost smells close to roses. I prefer more citrus scents, so this one isn't a huge favorite.

lush sex bomb bath bomb review

(The cut that's left of mine currently)

3. So White

This one's from their holiday collection, and it smells like apple. There are other ingredients including bergamot, rose, neroli and citrus oils, but basically it turns your water milky and smells like apple. Pretty "boring" but if you want something simple and you love the scent of apple then this is a good pic. To be honest, I won't buy again. 
lush so white bath bomb review

I grabbed this one when I went to Minneapolis, and I haven't used it yet. I thought it looked great for spring. It contains lemongrass, olive and avocado oil for soft skin. 

lush avobath bath bomb review

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