Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Scents

This may seem silly, but I walked into a friend's apartment last month and was immediately comforted based on the scent of the place. I asked her their secret and she said they had Bath and Body Works wallflowers in every room. 

As fate would have it, Bath and Body Works had a sale of $2.50 for all wallflowers and all refills the next weekend so I picked up enough refills to last me three months. Oh , and they just happened to have half off their 3 wick candles....(BTW their candles are still 1/2 off if you are tempted)

Here are some of my favorite Bath and Body Works scents for fall.

1. Leaves
Last year I didn't love this scent but this year I really feel like they made it stronger smelling and I loved it. It's strong scented with apple and spice and you could probably call it apple crisp instead. We have this in our living room wallflower also. I bought two of these and have burned one of them down in a week almost. (That's the bad thing about Bath and Body Works Candles...even if you follow the 2-3hr light rule they still burn way to fast)

2. Mahogany Teakwood
This is my all-year-round favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. It's a strong cologne scent with mahogany, oak, and lavender. It's the perfect cologne scent and it's a "mandle". I have it in the wallflowers too. It's Jake's preferred scent for our place, it's warm, relaxing, strong, and just smells clean. It also fills the room with scent more than the others (especially in the wallflower form!). 

3. Flannel
Another "mandle", this scent smells more like a soap cologne scent. It's more muted than the Mahogany Teakwood, but I like it a lot. I bought it in the wallflower and plugged it in the bathroom and bedroom. The scents listed on the packaging say "mahogany and musk." 

4. Autumn
This is less spicy than you might expect. The scents listed say "Apple, Fig, Eucalyptus, and Fir." I haven't lit it yet, but in the jar it smells great. I like it better than sweater weather, more outdoorsy.

5. Sweater Weather
We bought this as a wallflower and put it in our entryway/hallway. To me it's the classic air freshener scent but it's very strong! I like it, because our hallway smells nasty, and walking into our apartment is now extremely pleasant from the opening of the door.  Supposedly it's "Sage, juniper, and woods." it's certainly a great fresh scent for a air freshener, but it's strong.

(haven't used sweet cinnamon pumpkin yet, just received that one in the mail!)

As far as wallflowers go, I don't like to mix a bunch of the scents so I have "fall scents" in the living room and entry way areas and then the mahogany teakwood or flannel scents in the bathroom/bedroom areas. The 2-packs were over 50% off so I picked up some pine for December. The rest of the scents I picked up are already plugged in!  

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