Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Early January this year, I started a new facial routine that completely eliminated my dry patches. That post is here  , but I found a cheaper and equally luxurious way to get completely moisturized.

 I'm late on this bandwagon I know, but I'm happy I hopped on anyway. 

I've been using this for the last six weeks and I have not broken out in acne, I have no more redness in the mornings or afternoons, I have brightness in my face, no clogged pores, and the best part - I need less makeup during the day. I've eliminated foundation and now just stick to a little concealer and I'm good to go. I don't need to cover anything up besides some dark circles from not getting enough sleep at night! I have put foundation on to test this too and it goes on smoother and uses less product. 

Benefits of coconut oil on your skin:

1) Moisturizer : 'like mixes with like' and your skin is mostly oil and this is an oil so the beneficial properties of the oil penetrate skin better than lotion

2) Antibacterial: helps fight acne thanks to the lauric acid in it

3) Keep you "wrinkle free" : this is a big claim,  and I doubt it's that magical, but it has been shown to help repair and restore the production of collagen in your skin and plus, softer skin wrinkles less than dry skin

4) Antioxidant: due to the ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid the oil can help fight off free radical damage which are what cause wrinkles and other skin damage

Some claim it's a good cleanser - I still use soap first for cleaning.
Some claim it's a sunscreen - please put regular sunscreen on.
Some claim it's a great hair conditioner or hairmask because it penetrates the layers of the hair.

I wouldn't recommend this to extremely oily skin, but if you are "normal", T Zone oily, or dry then I would try it out! It's probably wise to use an anti-aging cream in addition to this if you have some wrinkles.

When you shop make sure it's organic extra virgin, not refined, not hydrogenated and naturally harvested, otherwise you will lose your antibacterial and antioxidant properties and are just likely paying for the moisturizing capabilities. 

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