Sunday, November 6, 2016

gift guide : for the men

gift ideas for men

1. These shirts are so soft and comfortable. I've been able to find the women's shirts half off during certain times, keep an eye out for that guy if you want to get a deal on one. 
Jake's pick: Grey

2. Patterned socks are always a nice option when you don't know what to get for a guy. So many options from so many different stores. (I didn't link any particular ones)

3. Dopp kits are perfect for someone who travels or spends weekends visiting family. The leather versions are a nice little luxury and make a nice gift. Many stores carry leather versions, but this company is Jake and I's favorite little leather company (my all time favorite bag is from the company - post is here )  Jake's pick is here, other options are here and here.

4. A good bottle of liquor will be perfect for almost anyone this season. 
Jake's pick: Woodford Reserve, Templeton Rye, or Hendrick's gin

5. Yeti Ramblers are known for their long lasting abilities to keep drinks hot or cold. Jake and I both have a smaller 20oz version and we use it all the time. Sold at outdoor stores, free ship on Yeti's website.

6. Nintendo Entertainment System is a relaunch of the original. This is preloaded with all of the old games already and is perfect for people who grew up playing these games. It's not available yet to buy, but will be very soon.

7. Fitness trackers have been a huge hit the last few years. This version from FitBit seems like it can do the most for you including monitor your heart rate and sleep, plus it links up to your cell phone for notifications and music!

8. A leather duffle bag is a splurge of a gift, but this version is a better price without sacrificing the quality when compared to other major leather retailers.  The hardware on this company's bags is great, and Jake doesn't own this bag, but is perfect for the weekend family traveller and/or business traveller. I think it even has a lifetime guarantee like my tote bag.
Jake's pick would be the light brown version.

9. It's hard to buy cologne for someone else, but this one is a pretty safe bet in my opinion. 

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