Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Favorite Things This Week

1.  Mr. Coffee single-serve coffee machine. 

After our apartment coffee machine broke, I began drinking instant coffee every morning. I couldn't handle it for long, and I wanted something a little bit better tasting. I ended up caving in for a fancy single serve coffee machine. This one uses Keurig K-cups and also coffee grinds...perfect combination. I am in love.

2. Lemon Days at Gateway Mall

In case you've never been to Lemon Days at Gateway, (they changed the name of Westfield back to Gateway!) you are missing out. Most of the stores had sidewalk sales and discounts on tons of merchandise. Salon products 50% off and clothes and jewelry up to 70% at some places. Great deals and great people.

3. Brielle's Oldies Pandora Music Station

My friend Brielle loves being around the elderly. This past summer session she's been volunteering many hours at a couple nursing homes and she's developed a love for oldies music. Think Nat King Cole's "LOVE" (actually anything Nat King Cole), Aretha Franklin, "Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison, Bing Crosby, and you get the idea. She plays it all the time at the apartment, and I have to admit, it's kind of catchy! 

4. New colors of Sharpie pens

When I saw these colors I couldn't resist. I bought a pack of these colors that also included a black and purple. I've been writing all of my MCAT study notecards in these two bright colors. They also make my planner and wedding notes more fun to look at!

5. Grumpy Old Men (the movie!)

Brielle and I sat on the couch and watched this movie Sunday afternoon on Netflix. We laughed so hard at these old men. We can't wait to watch Grumpier Old Men!

There you have it, five favorite things from this week!


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