Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Life in the City

My four-bedroom apartment includes access to free printing, pool, hot tub, free shuttle to and from UNL, work-out facilities, "theater," and a computer lab. But let's be honest,  the rooms are small, scratches fill our walls, the air conditioning leaks, and the door handles are all broken. I've been living here with three other Gamma Phis since June 1. We all will move in to Gamma Phi Beta August 9th, but until then, this is our home sweet home. Come visit any time. Bring food.

I work here, the UNL rec center, where I have the privilege of playing dodgeball and kickball for 40 hours a week as a summer camp counselor for Husker Kids Summer Camp. Click on the link to learn more. Today I spent the afternoon at the Highlands Swimming Pool with the kids!

I spend my free time:

 studying for the MCAT

 laying out by the pool

 planning my wedding

laughing with my roommates 

and, when Jake isn't working, with him. 

Jake works as a conference assistant and he spends most of his time working with the camps that go on at UNL over the summer. This means he manages the front desk of residence halls, spends the nights on floors with camp visitors on them, and assists with the check in and check out processes of camps.

With only 3.5 weeks left of summer, I look forward to school starting back up. I swear, if being a student was something I could do for the rest of my life, I would. It would be one expensive career. 

Reasons for my summer blues:

1. I've been sick the past three weeks and have finally gotten over my bit of walking pneumonia. 

2. Walking around in 100 degree weather is so much worse when you have 25 kids complaining about how hot it is, and we spend all day outside.

3. Cooking for one is hard. Most of my meals consist of Kraft mac and cheese, Tyson frozen honey barbecue chicken strips, and frozen pizza. Every now and then I might make tacos, or pasta, but I always have way to many leftovers and eat the same thing for weeks: lunch and supper every day. My fruit goes bad no matter what I buy. I just can't eat everything fast enough.

So, maybe my blues aren't that big of a deal. Most would say I'm living the life, and they'd be right. It's just weird not being busy all of the time, or not living with 67 girls! 


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