Saturday, July 28, 2012

Five Favorite Things This Week

1. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

I enjoyed this movie Thursday night with Brielle, Jake, and his friend Jeffrey. It was a pretty long show, but very good! There was a lot that I didn't understand from this movie because I forgot details from the first and second films. I'm not sure if I liked the movie, or the large pop and popcorn better though!

2. The Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Last night we watched the opening ceremonies, and it was so cool to see the excitement and pride from each country. I've only read about the female Olympians that appeared in my magazines, but I am excited to see how everything turns out! At camp we had our own version of the Olympics that included a "javelin throw" (lawn dart toss), "discus throw" (frisbee toss), soccer ball kickoff, basketball shootout, volleyball serving contest, and some brain games. We even had the kids take the official Olympic oath!

3. Hide and Seek in the Dark

Last night Jake and I went to Aurora, and from there everyone headed to Loup City to visit Grandma and Grandpa Mroczek. We had a big game of Hide and Seek in the dark last night where one person hid, and everyone else looked for that person. If one person found the "hider" then that person would hide with the "hider" until only one person is left looking for all of the rest of the people hiding. That person would be "it" the next round.

Jake, Nate, Krissy, Andrew, Grandma, and I had too much fun with this game. It took us forever to find Grandma, she was our best hider!!

4. Human Physiology Textbook

Jake's friend recently took the MCAT and did very well (41/45) ! Wednesday night I was chatting with him and he lent me his copy of the physiology book I'll need for this fall's class. I was looking through it, and it made my top five favorite things this week because I'm excited for this class, and for school to start!

5. Grandma Mroczek's Dill Pickles

Need I say more??

Have a wonderful weekend!


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