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{Top Ten Favorite Fall Looks!}

Hello all! I’m so excited to be writing the post for today! Allie’s blog is one of my favorites to follow, so what an honor to be the guest blogger! :) Anyways, fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons: the weather, the colors, the smells, the food, and of course, the fashion. So what seems more appropriate to write about than my top ten favorite fall looks?! Well, actually, it was really hard to pick just one topic to write about! Here is the list that I have compiled as my Top Ten Fall Favorite Looks (in no particular order):


First of all, I love stripes. They are SO versatile and can be worn in summer, fall, winter, or spring. Talk about more bang for your buck! Naturally, navy and white stripes are my favorite. I recently picked up these two pieces:
Women’s Boat-Neck Tunic Black Stripe Tee from Old Navy on sale for $15

Nautical Shift Navy & White Stripe Dress from Gap on sale for $47.99


Alright, who doesn’t love flannel? It’s so soft and warm and comfortably and is always a go to option for class, running errands, and even being outdoors (I love to wear mine to bonfires). I actually work at Eddie Bauer, so I get a nice little discount when making purchases, but that also doesn’t help me save my money ;) I purchased the cream and black plaid flannel shirt last year and just recently purchased the bright red and black plaid flannel shirt. I also love the flannel shirt that I have pictured here and have it on my Christmas list!
Flannel Utility Shirt in Sailor Blue for $49.95 from Eddie Bauer


Cable sweaters are a classic staple and I believe they get even better with age. You can pair them with jeans and boots or dress them up with a skirt and heels and make an instagood outfit! I love the one pictured here from Eddie Bauer!
Heritage Cable Turtleneck Sweater in Heather Tan for $79.95 from Eddie Bauer


Sure, go ahead and call it a “mom” vest, but don’t rap ‘em until you try ‘em! I live by vests on chilly days because they keep you warm, especially when walking all across campus. Eddie Bauer vests are full of high quality down so they are light, keep you warm, and when you finally get to class and take it off, you realize you haven’t sweat one bit like you do in really heavy, bulky winter coats.
Heritage Down Vest in Radish on sale for $49.95 from Eddie Bauer


I love boots, especially (faux) leather boots. I found a cute pair of brown faux leather boots from Von Maur 3 years ago on sale for $20. Talk about a deal. They have been one of my best purchases because I have worn the heck out of them! It’s about time for me to get a new pair, but I’m such a sucker for a good deal and I haven’t found a pair that I like near as well as the ones I have nor at a reasonable price. I mean if money grew on trees, I would go ahead and buy the ones I have pictured here because they are very classy looking, but there’s no way I would ever spend that much money on a pair of boots. The end of February is when boots seem to start going on sale, so I will be on the lookout for a good sale around then!
Amanda Riding Boot by Tory Burch on sale for $395.00 from (plus free shipping)


I usually don’t care for animal print, but this subtle leopard print has really grown on me. They are a great pop of print to add to an outfit and they’re even subtle enough that they can be mixed with another print (stripes!) as long as they’re in the same color family. My love for leopard print really started when I found this pair of flats. I was shopping with my mom one day at Dillard’s and we found these shoes on sale for $69.99. I wasn’t going to get them since I really didn’t need another pair of shoes, but once I tried them on I fell in love and the sales lady made my day when she said they were additionally marked down to $35. . What a deal! I have worn them about everyday this fall, so they were totally worth the splurge!
Women’s Brooks Flats on sale for $69.99 from (plus free shipping on flats)

{7} TOTE

This tote is the best ‘all around’ bag that I have ever had! It is so versatile and can be used for an overnight tote, for traveling, as a purse, and even as a school bag and what’s great is that my huge laptop even fits in it!! I am majoring in Elementary Education and have been looking for the perfect ‘school bag’ to use for practicums as well as for when I am a full time teacher. I’ve always looked at the leather Fossil bags, but they are just so darn expensive. This one is pricey too, but it is definitely more reasonable! I did a little research on this tote prior to buying it and found nothing but good said about it. I definitely recommend this bag to anyone and everyone! I also love the leather shoulder straps and details on this tote and I ordered the black one so that I could wear it with both blacks and browns. I was really tempted to buy the tote in a color (fir, duck blue, camel, bordeaux, or bilberry) but they are all just so cute that I couldn’t decide which color. I went with black this time so that I could wear it with more, but if I ever order another one, it will definitely be one of the fun colors!
Longchamp ‘Le Pliage – Large’ Tote in Fir for $145 from (plus free shipping)


I always wear a watch and feel naked if I forget it, so of course a watch is one of my fall favorites. I wear a silver watch every day but have been looking for a light gold one to wear with my gold jewelry. However, I stumbled upon this little gem the other day and really like the gold and tortoise combination. I really like Fossil brand and have always had good luck with them; however, this particular watch is one of the more expensive ones, so I think it’s going straight onto my Christmas list. Mom, if you’re reading this please take note ;)
Natalie Stainless Steel Watch—Two-Tone for $175 from


A warm neutral color always looks great for the fall season. I picked up this smoky plush taupe color at Target earlier in the season (of course).
Mink Muffs Nail Polish for $8.00 from Essie


Finally, to stay extra warm and cozy this season, one should grab an Eddie Bauer fleecy down throw. These are hot off the shelves, especially at the great price they are at. My favorite is the one that is shown on top of the pile, its color is called Plaid. It’s also on my Christmas list! ;) Who doesn’t love down, and fleece, and plaid all in one?!
Oversized Fleecy Down Throw for $59.99 from Eddie Bauer

Well blog readers, I hope you found this post interesting and helpful!
I have been honored to be the guest blogger and I hope it’s a success so there will be more to come!

Peace, Love, and Pumpkin Spice,

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