Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy early Halloween! 

I personally can't wait for Halloween to be over so I can buy candy on sale. 

I also have another surprise for you all! Soon-to-come we will have a guest blogger write, so get excited for that! 

This past weekend was so busy. Dad and Mom came up for Dad's birthday on Friday and we went to The Watering Hole to eat. ( The Watering Hole has the best grilled wings ever, if you haven't had them, go! They are sooo good. ) Friday night Gamma Phi had a Halloween social at the Holiday Inn where mom and dad were staying. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay up late enough to go to the dance. :)

Saturday morning mom and I went shopping. I bought a new leather jacket from Express that I"m excited to wear, and she got a new winter coat.

Before the game, we went to Seth's family's tailgate for awhile and then met up with my friend Jenna Koch and her boyfriend. I helped them get South Stadium Student Tickets earlier in the week, but all of us had East Stadium (except for Brielle :) ). Brielle snuck in easy to East Stadium Student Section right away but Jenna and Cole had a lot more trouble getting in. It was difficult because East Stadium students get a wristband that the gateworkers sometimes check. They especially check the pathway that directly connects to South Stadium because they don't want students to sneak in. The seats are much better in East stadium. Anyway Jenna and Cole made it, by walking all the way around the stadium.

Sunday we had our Mom/Dot reveal for Gamma Phi. Meet the newest member of my family: Molly!

Great Grandma Whitney, Grandma Me, Mom Molly, and Baby Molly

The freshmen had to search for three balloons with their name on it in a HUGE pile of balloons in the living room. The balloons held clues to the location of their new family. After they found their families we all took photos, and enjoyed pizza and cake inside. 

This week is initiation week and so we have a lot of activities planned to earn points and celebrate our core values: Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty. 


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