Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flashback to 2012

In light of the new year, I thought I’d share some favorites of 2012.

Favorite Moments

1. Engagement – This one obviously tops my list, and I’m so extremely grateful for the guy I get to spend the rest of my life with.

2. Medical School – I remember I checked I my 
phone every 15 minutes to see if they had contacted me. I interviewed in the morning, and they messaged me late afternoon. Just when I set my phone down (it was 5:15, I had thought they were done with the business day so they’d wait until tomorrow to notify us), I heard it buzz. Although I was in the middle of a conversation with Brielle and her aunt while we enjoyed homemade Ivanna Cone ice cream, I still picked it up and relief swept through me. It was another one of those speechless moments.

3. Summer Camp – This summer (last summer also) I worked with amazing staff and kids at the Husker Summer Camps held at the Rec Center. Everytime I walk by any facility on campus, I think of the kids, the sun, and the laughs I had this summer. I’ve always loved working with kids, but spending a long period of time with each child and building relationships really meant a lot to me. Hopefully I’ll have one more summer spent here.

4. Sisters – The friends I have made in Gamma Phi I feel like I’ve known my entire life, I know them better than most of the girls I’ve grown up with. Last night we had another initiation ceremony and as I looked around the room I remembered laughs and moments I’ve had with each girl. I’m lucky to be a part of something as special as this. This will be my last semester living in the house, well being an “active” member of the sorority, and I will take time to appreciate and remember how great this is.

5. Classes – In 2012 I’ve had the most interesting classes that I’ve ever taken. From learning about social structures and childcare around the world to how cultures vary in growth and development to learning modern issues with indigenous people to learning how important nutrition is to learning the entire history of sports, I’ve really valued the education that I have received. (I don’t necessarily value it at $14,000 though haha)

(and for fun...) 
Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2012

1.  Castle – Criminal shows are my favorite, this show Jake and I started watching a few months ago, we are in love with Castle and Beckett

2.  Big Bang Theory - ……sheldon….

3. Batman The Dark Night Rises

4. The Lucky One

5. Modern Family – Gloria’s having a baby!

I’ve  made some resolutions and specific goals for this year that mainly include plans to improve my heart health, spiritual life, nutrition, drinking more water, watching less TV to make time for those things, etc. If you know me well, you'd know I've sat down and planned all of this out, but I realize people laugh at resolutions, and if this all hasn’t bored you yet, I figured those resolutions would . I thought I'd leave you with these: 

Have a wonderful week! 

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