Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 is here! I'm on my 2nd to last semester, and what a busy one it will be.

Over break, I finished one of my MCAT prep books, made a lovely photo album for our engagement photos, packaged and mailed all of the save the date cards (well, I have a few more to go still), started a new crochet project, and spent some great time with family.

In Kentucky we played tons of board games, Jake hiked up the mountain, we did some shopping, and had a great impromptu concert with Greg Bates. Time in Kentucky always seems to go by to quickly. 

I had a not-so-exciting New Year's Eve. Jake and I watched the movie New Year's Eve that came out last year (not that good), and I was asleep after the ball like at 11. We went to Aurora for Jake's 21st birthday and watched Jake's dad's basketball team from Aurora play Fairbury in Aurora. Afterwards many of his family's friends came to his parents house and it was nice to see everyone! 

My classes this semester don't look to bad this semester, but I "officially" began my MCAT preparation and I have some event in August to plan too. 

I'm taking:

Contemporary Issues with Indigenous People (Anthropology class)
History of Philosophy 
Introduction to Communication (an online speech class)
Advanced Human Remains (basically skeletal biology, and understanding how people died, how old they were etc.)

I have one class MWF at 8:30 and everything else is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that should give me time to get all of that other stuff done too.

Be looking for another post soon! I'll make up for my lack communication we had over break :). 

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