Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let it Snow (and let all classes be cancelled)

No snow days for us, but to those of you who do have snow days, enjoy them and stay warm!

I am SO happy to have my macbook back in my possession and running smoother than ever! Last week my computer would freeze up and nothing would respond, so I took it to the certified Apple people at Computer Hardware Inc on 70th and O and they ran tests, ordered me a new battery, and good as new. The battery is usually the source of other computer problems, and computers are only built with a certain number of "cycles" such as 1000 in the case of mine. I had used 700 in the course of the 4 years I've had it. One cycle is anytime you plug in your charger, so it's always advised to charge the battery full, and run it until it's at less than 10% of charge so you don't "waste" your cycles. Anyway, I dropped my computer freshman year, and didn't notice any problems until a few months later when my computer wouldn't detect the battery, I took it into that repair place and they said that my battery had fallen out of place. Six months later it "fell out of place" again, but naturally this time (no more dropping!) And then this time, I they told me my battery had degraded and failed over time, most likely to that problem from freshman year. So be careful with your laptops!

I ended up having to drop another class this semester. (I had dropped my Bones class earlier on, and added my agriculture class) This time I'm dropping Philosophy, and unfortunately it's too late to add anything or get more than 25% of my tuition back. And of course I'll have that big "W" on my transcript forever, but since I was already accepted into medical school, the W doesn't concern me that much. I thought that I could tough this class out, I mean, I've survived MUCH worse, like organic chemistry I and II, physics, chemistry, etc. But we had a paper due this Tuesday and I was asking other students before class what they were going to write about (there are only 5 students in the class). The students were saying things like "I will be writing about the historical relativism that Hegel displays through his embodiment of the world Spirit and the Nature of humanity" and other people were saying similarly confusing things....that was when I knew I had to get out!

If it was up to me, I'd ban Philosophy entirely. Don't get me wrong, the earliest of the "thinkers" contributed much to the world knowledge, Socrates and Plato discovered many things, but they also used science in addition to predicting the immeasurable. I googled why philosophy is even necessary in the first place...I mean isn't all common sense? Most of human behavior is based on religious beliefs anyway...even philosophers discuss God who is the same as Reason who is the same as Spirit (but not "World Spirit, National Spirit, or Individual Spirit of Nature") and his plan is Providence. Have I convinced you about how confusing this stuff is yet??

Last weekend Jake took his GMAT, and then we watched his brother Andrew play in a basketball tournament in Aurora. The little kids were really enjoyable to watch, plus they are cute! I even got the chance to watch a kid that attends the summer camp I work at. (He wasn't as happy to see me as I was to see him though, oh well)

I will leave you with this website, I am unsure of how accurate it is, but it's fun!

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