Monday, February 11, 2013

Miss me?

Sorry I've been gone so long, my computer is back in the repair shop. Apparently the new battery didn't fix the problem and they had to send my computer to Apple to fix itfor a flat rate. yay. :( Meanwhile, I have been spending all of my days in the Gamma Phi Beta computer room hogging one of the computers to work on wedding planning and MCAT. 

Two weekends ago, Jake and Seth had people over for the Super Bowl game. I invited some girls over too, since they assumed I was doing all of the cooking for them. But we made quite a bit of appetizers and everyone had a really fun time! That Saturday night Mom, Dad, Aunt Janice, Jake and I went to Whiskey Tango in Omaha to watch Greg Bates perform. We also met up with my Uncle Tom at Whiskey Tango. Greg dates my cousin Shelley, and unfortunately she didn't come, but we all had a great time and Greg was so wonderful to us making time to hang out before and after the show. I also really enjoyed having time to spend with my parents and my Aunt Janice!

*Mom and I also received awful news before the show that Old Chicagos has discontinued our favorite pizza, the Thai Pie. 

This past weekend, Jake and I went to the hockey game with some of his friends and then we went back to Fairbury Saturday for some meetings for the wedding planning. We met with a decorator, Carmen Ragland (for cake), and we spent a few hours in Wally's reception hall moving some tables around deciding on how we will set up the room. We may have initially overestimated how many people will fit in one room....but rest assured we will all fit!! Some areas may be a tad more congested than others but Jake and I are happy our friends and family will be able to all be there together. I think the people at Wally's thought we were a tad crazy, moving tables around and such (for hours), but I'm not one to "wing it" especially something like that, so I'm so grateful mom and Jake were willing to help me out! I'm the girl carrying around a binder full of every contract I've made, every design idea I have, and to scale architectural layouts of the room...I thought this was normal, I'm discovering from peoples' reactions that it's not quite as "normal" as I had thought. Oh well. 

While I was home, Anna introduced me to this awesome spicy Thai noodle recipe found at this website:

I think it would be good to add chicken (or shrimp-Jake's idea) to this recipe too! If you try to make this, ONLY use 1/2 Tablespoon of crushed pepper. I promise, 1/2 Tablespoon is still very spicy. If you use two tablespoons you will not be able to eat it, even if you think you are tough.

Have a happy Valentine's week! 
XOXO Love you all!

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