Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bundle Up and Stay Warm and Safe!

If you haven't turned on your computer or television in awhile, you may not be aware of the massive amounts of snow predicted to hit the nation. I took this map from The Weather Channel's website today (Tuesday 4:44 p.m.) 

Some people may be overreacting about how many inches expected to arrive (i've heard so many different stories), and I suppose only time will tell. I won't get my hopes up about snow, or snow days, because I've been disappointed before. Fortunately my teachers have said they will cancel classes if Lincoln Public Schools cancels classes, so that's a plus, because the university hates closing school. 

I had a happy Valentines day last Thursday. Jake delivered candy and a card to me in the morning, and then later in the afternoon four dozen roses showed up at Gamma Phi and they were all for me!!! It looked as if right away that they had accidentally doubled his order, and delivered two of the exact same arrangement, with the exact same card, but I still texted him "FOUR DOZEN ROSES?? You shouldn't have!" and he responded, "I didn't." On the plus side, the roses looked decent for a day, and I had a ton of them, but on the downside they didn't make it to see Sunday. . . they ended up having some disease and all of the flowers died, the leaves were discolored etc. The company gave Jake a full refund, at least I could enjoy them for a bit! We went to Misty's for dinner, and then met up with Brielle and her parents to celebrate her 21st birthday with a few drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings! 

My hot date for Valentine's day

Friday night we all went out to celebrate Brielle's birthday (I'm pretty sure she celebrated Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday---don't worry she takes it easy) and another dear friend, Ali Higgins! Once again, we hit up Buffalo Wild Wings before they went out and about.

Jenna Koch and her boyfriend Cole came up that night too. I'm so glad they always make time to stop by and see Jake and I. 

Nate also came up this weekend! He and Jake went to the basketball game Saturday night.

Sunday was this special lady's 80th birthday so we were excited to spend some time with her on that special day! I hope she really had a great day, she deserves it!

Have a great rest of the week and head to the grocery store today, and wherever else you run your errands! You may not make it out later on! 

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