Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent Challenge

Hi all,

For lent I'll be attempting the UM Rethinkchurch 's Lenten photo-a-day challenge. In case you suddenly wonder where all the random instagram photos are coming from on the social media sites. 

You can find more about what I'm doing at this website :

I have a few other ideas that I will be working on this Lenten season as well, but you all probably aren't interested so... I just wanted to let you know about the photo challenge. Best of luck with everyone's 40 days of "purification and enlightenment."

*If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, was just reading about this interesting "40 day trash bag Lenten challenge" (google it) where every week you have to fill up a trashbag full of stuff from your house! :/

....and I got my computer back yesterday! Yippee!

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