Monday, April 8, 2013

April Showers

After a nice, relaxing weekend studying it's time to get back into the weekly routine, except for kicked up a notch for the remaining weeks of school. 

With only one Gamma Phi formal meeting left, 15 more days of class (for me that's actually 8 days), 7 weeks until the MCAT,  exactly three weeks until I'm 21, less than 4 months until the wedding (holy cow, that one's really hard to believe), one final, and two papers, my life will get much crazier in the next few months, and I hope that I can take time to enjoy this time as well. 

This weekend I didn't go to the spring game, (because I had to study) but I had it on TV in the background. I was at Jake's apartment, which is about four blocks away from Memorial Stadium, when I heard the loudest crowd roar I'd heard all day. When I started watching the TV it was obvious why. If you haven't seen this (even though most of the nation has by now) you are missing out on such an incredible moment. 

Jake spent the weekend in Kansas City at his accounting fraternity organization's regional meeting. He attended workshops and meetings  and even helped give a presentation at a workshop to business people.

 His roommate Seth was at Alabama with the track team (where they won, and he won long jump!) and he informed me of the current sorority trends of the south which include all the girls in oversized t-shirts and nike shorts--that aren't visible under the t-shirt. Sounds lazy (and comfy) to me, and from what I've read online, it's popular in the South and the guys aren't big fans of the trend.  I definitely won't be the first to try this out here, but what do you think??

Oh, and here's me in the look. AKA me before I head to work out, or AKA me in pajamas - so glamourous, I know.

I spent Friday and Saturday studying and hanging out and Sunday Mom came up for Mom's day!
We ate some Raising Cane's and cake pops, listened to senior speeches, and then we were some of the few who stuck around to finish the craft that was planned. Many gave up on the craft, I admit it was difficult, but since Mom seemed to catch on right away we both stayed and made them! 

The instructions for the dream catcher craft are found here:

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