Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Items of Frustration

Items of Frustration:

1. Trying to memorize all of these notecards and this giant textbook pile for the MCAT. (only half of the notecards are pictured, but they all look the same)

2. Making too many mistakes on everything AND wearing down my favorite eraser that will erase anything.   

3. Running out of these bad boys. 

4. Losing track of all the items that I've hoarded in this wedding binder.

5. Trying to finish registries and not forget things.

6. This view, which persuaded me to stay inside all day and drive myself crazy.

7. This stuff. I planned to tie my invites with it for a cute simple look that holds the pieces together, I really liked the result. 

 In fact, I probably completed and packaged 30 invites tonight in their envelopes. 

THEN I read this post from a different bride about her experience with the twine:

Now I'm sitting here all : 

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