Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Cream Pie

Today Lincoln had a run for Boston that apparently raised over 22,000 dollars! I would have liked to run but I felt like I would melt in the rain, so I had a grand idea to make a Boston Cream Pie. I mean, I've probably only had one twice, but I remember how delicious this cake is. 

Oh, and I may have exaggerated a tad on Facebook about how my cake actually turned out.

This is not a "how to" post ....this is more like a "how not to" post. I followed the recipe from . 

I chose this recipe because it was "so unbelievably easy", and I didn't have time for all that homemade nonsense this week. I also underestimated how hard this "pie" or "cake" actually is to make. 

I may have also had some trouble because I only had one egg, so I found "egg substitutions" that I used instead of eggs and it made my cake CRUMBLY. 

As you will see in the photos, I should have given up at multiple steps throughout this process, but did I ever give up? No! Because I thought it would still taste great, and it did. 

As illustrated, I started off great with a perfectly cooked yellow cake #1.

"Smear filling over the top" .......Not quite as fluffy as hers, but I moved on. 

"Add Cake #2 to the top"...........well mine came out in crumbles, but I smushed it all back on. 
Good as new, right??

"Mix chocolate glaze and pour over cake" ......................Mine was un-pourable so I just "stuck" it on

Bon Appétit.

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