Thursday, April 25, 2013

Procrastination II

As discussed earlier this week, it's my favorite week of the year. Not. But it's almost over, and I've found many ways to procrastinate my paper (which is due to tomorrow evening).

1. Meeting up with a super talented friend and listening to her practice her piano juries. (her biggest test of the year with a crazy amount of memorized music at a level that is way too difficult for me to understand)

2. Watching "Reba" television reruns.

3. Finishing some wedding invitations. - some of them just have to go out early, it's difficult for me to take care of all of them and protect them through moving. And I won't have the time to do them later on due to the dreaded MCAT, summer classes, and my full time job, so some of you will be getting them in the next few weeks. We'll probably send the rest out later on in the summer.  

4. Having an annual physical exam at a doctor's office (Yeah, obviously I will do anything to not sit down and write my paper)

5. Getting my hair done

6. Looking at flower girl dresses

7. Candy Crush 

8. Trying to make a Boston Cream Pie

9. Finding fun ideas for mother's day

10. Reading MCAT flashcards 

Don't worry though, my paper just needs proofread and then it will be done! I really haven't wasted too much time on all the listed nonsense! 

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