Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dreaded Dead Week

It's my least favorite week of every semester, dead week. (Especially since the forecast calls for snow later this week!) This year I have two papers due and two exams but they shouldn't to be too bad. That doesn't count wedding stuff and MCAT studying which I can't slack off on either this week.

Today Jake and I went to Grand Island to help Grandpa LaVern celebrate his 80th birthday. We all played Bingo and enjoyed fried chicken and cake. We also had to each go around the room and say things we liked or something nice about Grandpa before we ate, and I said that he didn't look a day over fifty. They teased me the rest of the day about that comment, thinking I wanted some extra special wedding present haha, really though, he looks good!

This afternoon I finished up this gem for my communications class. It's about tanning, that's why I needed all that info when I wrote that long post about how tanning is bad. So if that annoys you, don't watch (but do watch me in 20 years when I still look this young)!

I noticed after I recorded it that I didn't have the required visual aid, and Jake says "You can use yourself as the visual aid". He's right, I probably shouldn't have worn white, especially in the atrocious fluorescent lighting, it just makes me look even whiter than I am. :)

Since I didn't really post last week, we had our Gamma Phi formal dance last weekend with Chi Omega at the Windsor Stables downtown. This lovely gang and Jake and I had dinner before at our new favorite spot, Brix and Stone.

And of course I always have a fun time when this one's my date.

That same night, back in Fairbury, my sister enjoyed her senior prom. Here are some of my favorite photos that I snagged from mom's Facebook page.


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