Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Picture Frame Chalkboard

When I moved into this place, I was sick of the beige-colored everything. I felt really trapped inside of a small beige box, so when I saw this easy project for wall art I decided to try it to add some color to the walls. I bought all of the frames at Goodwill for like a quarter a piece and the paints at Home Depot.

I only got a little bit on the cement of the balcony, but because both of our neighbors moved out, they'll never know it was me. :)

Before you write on the chalkboards I read you are supposed to "condition" your board so that what you write doesn't permanently marked.  

I think the finished products looked pretty good! I wrote on the other chalkboards with a chalk pen from Hobby Lobby.

I also decided to paint the bottoms of these wine glasses from an idea I saw on Pinterest. They turned out nice too.

In the meantime, things are slowly coming together for this place.

Jake brought these to me yesterday, they were a great surprise to end my first day of camp.

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