Friday, June 7, 2013

Staying In

Still not unpacked, but I'm not too worried about it. This place still isn't cleaned, and my "to do" list is still way too long.

I finished up my summer class today so I'm excited about that. I even found some new favorite TV shows thanks to my Women in Pop Culture class! 

We also watched these:

This was seriously a pretty easy class but I learned a lot about the way the film industry works and what's necessary for a society to possess in order for these shows to even be popular in the first place.

The first week of camp went well. My job's a little different this year as I'm responsible for more "behind the scenes" work then I was last year. Instead of spending all day with a specific grade, I check every camper in, collect attendances, prepare everyone's morning and afternoon snack, monitor and deliver medicines, and handle campers that arrive late or leave early. It's a fun job too, and the moments I DO have with the kids I value more now!

I've spent the past few nights making a lot of lists of things to do before the wedding! I hope I can start actually "doing" those things this weekend. Tonight Jake and I will hopefully have a nice night in with popcorn and Scandal episodes! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from last weekend's Celebrate Lincoln event (Montgomery Gentry concert) and my friend Lauren's 21st birthday. So happy I got to spend a little extra time with Ali and Brielle too! I'm so lucky to have them both!! We had a fun time!

I am slowly collecting too many photos of Christine and I holding our drinks from this summer. But we are such a good duo at the bars so I'm glad I have these. Christine likes stuff I like: people watching, corn hole games, basketball, popcorn, getting free drinks from guys who spill them on us with their basketball, small town stuff, and making up astronaut internship stories about ourselves to tell to those lying boys. She stays out super late with me when I have to drive everyone else home, drinks flavored martinis at the Starlight lounge, saves me when I'm cornered by a creep and Jake's out of sight, shows me just how to pull off my fair skin, tells the sweaty-tone deaf guy to quit ruining my favorite Montgomery Gentry song, sees the similarities in our chins, remained calm after the Barrymore's "incident", and has just the right amount of pep. Glad we have become friends this year!

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