Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer's Over

With the start up of public schools across the town, and the beginning of Rush week at UNL,  it's pretty obvious that we are on the last leg of summer. I have had the fastest, and most amazing summer ever. It's true that there was not much down time in my summer, and I didn't get to enjoy my usual summer favorites (kettle corn, farmer's market, county fairs, country concerts, and cotton candy), but this last month will be one that I never forget!

When I think about Jake and I's wedding day I am just overwhelmed at all of the help and love that we had to make it go so great. We did not have to worry about anything that day thanks to our family, friends, and great vendors.  I couldn't imagine what my wedding would be like before that day, and I couldn't have guessed it would be as great as it was!

After the reception, Jake and I grabbed our stuff at Mom and Dad's, went to Lincoln to finish packing, and drove to the Omaha airport. We barely made it in time, because we accidentally were in the wrong lane and veered off and got lost. We fell asleep as soon as we boarded the plane.

Our honeymoon trip was so relaxing! Every day was spent like this:

 We had options to explore Mexico, but with the recent stresses of summer (MCAT / Wedding) we both were ready to just lay on the beach for hours and hours. We did book some massages though and those were great too.

The Sun Palace was truly fabulous for beach quality, customer service, and cleanliness. Never did we have to wait for a drink, or room service, or bell hop service, or wait to be seated anywhere. This resort was couples only, and did not have very many rooms (in order to keep the beach and amenities not so busy). We could have been happier because both Jake and I did not want a busy beach or a loud resort. We also made sure ahead of time the water would be clear, gorgeous blue, and not very rocky. They also were so sweet to us on our honeymoon and had romantic dinners on the beach, special desserts, flowers, champagne, massages, etc. for us!

Every evening when it got dark we had the opportunity to see mama sea turtles digging in the sand for a place to lay their eggs. One evening on a walk we even came across an employee at a nearby condominium place who was digging baby turtles out of the ground that were hatching. He put them in buckets for us and handed them to us while he told us "agua". A group of eight of us took all of the turtles to the water, and that was such an awesome experience!

I read that 1 in 1000 of these turtles will make it to adulthood. Maybe it will be this fella ... but probably not because I disoriented him.

While on the resort, Jake and I decided that we would enjoy two dinners. One at 6:30 and one at 9:00 (I know, we only played into the "fat Americans" stereotype by doing that) . The portions were small, yes, but I'm also picky so I didn't eat all 5 of my courses with each meal. Jake and I also wanted to try a variety of menu items too! 

On our last day we were so sad to leave, but we are happy to be home now too. I'm usually not a fan of airports, even international ones, but before we could enter the boarding gates at the Cancun airport you have to pass through this huge "duty free" shopping center with tons of makeup brands, designer bags and sunglasses, alcohol, watches, jewelry, and all kinds of things -- and I had fun looking through all of that! 

Jake was more interested in the Margaritaville he discovered, and it was there that we enjoyed our favorite meal (and drinks) of the trip.

It's not that the food was bad at our resort, in fact, many other tourists said it was the best they've had in Cancun! But we struggled with the dairy products there, and the meat. So when we got to Margaritaville we enjoyed gigantic burgers with "good" cheese and french fries!  We became a tad sick of the sugary drinks at the resort, and the only beer they had was Dos Equis, so most nights we drank wine.  But when in Margaritaville .... what else would I get??

** Disclaimer, although I look joyful in the above photo, that margarita had 6 times the alcohol as our frozen drinks at the resort. It was 200 pesos for a I found out shortly after my delicious meal, the airport got a lot more blurry. . . (thankfully I did not get sick! But no more tequila for me after this trip)

This week I began my new job at the YMCA where I work as a supervisor for a before school program for elementary students. I've been cooking, putting our wonderful gifts away, and developing writer's cramp from the sweet notes that I am writing to those who helped us celebrate our special day.

I look forward to posting some fun stuff soon!
(I made my BEST ever sugar cookies and icing , and Anna is moving to college! !!)

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