Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summertime Stresses

If anyone has been following this blog lately, then bless you! Each day gets busier as days draw nearer to the big day! I've also been working 6am to 6 pm shifts at summer camp this week so my free time is extra short.

After work the past couple days we have been shooting the wedding love story video that we plan to show at the reception. Our friend Nick is unbelievably amazing and I'm so so so excited to see it! We have been shooting those days 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Tomorrow I plan to work out before work so it looks like ill be in for a very long day tomorrow! It will all pass soon I'm sure, I just hope it all gets done.

The other things on my to do list include collecting RSVPs and making wedding programs. I have a lot of organization to do before the wedding as well so hopefully I will get some time for that too. My final exam for my class is Monday so it will be great when that's over. 

Jake and I nada busy Fourth of July break. Wednesday through Friday we went to Fairbury and organized wedding stuff and then walked through the annual flea market. As always, we only walked away from it with a bag of kettle corn, but it was fun looking through all of the "treasures." Saturday and Sunday we went to Aurora and spent some time with Jake's family. We went to a wedding in Hastings on Saturday and visited his grandparents in Grand Island on Sunday. Their air conditioning was out last weekend and so we were all very very sweaty !! 

If you haven't heard, Matt Damon was on campus today with the New Student Enrollment. I was one of the first to know this morning as we had a worker's wife in my office call us from NSE. So naturally, we stalked the doors waiting for him to arrive for his tour of the rec center...but while I was eating lunch he snuck in and out of the back doors!!! So I missed him. :(

Ill be up at five tomorrow so I'm calling it a night.

If you are interested, here's a neat link I found

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