Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Break

Since my last post I've spent many hours studying for Biochemistry and Anatomy and Anatomy lab exams ... not enough apparently from the difficulty of those exams. I'm ready for an actual break since I spent every day cooped up inside reading and memorizing. 

We went to Aurora Friday to visit Jake's family, and Monday and Tuesday Jake and I had to go back to work. Monday I had a visit at UNMC for the NU Paths program I'm in and I also was required to job shadow residents . It was a fun and busy day, but I was surprised at what people came to the doctor for. I mean, every little thing you can think of.

I also took on more hours supervising the after school program at the YMCA and planning activities for them. I'm excited about that, it just makes me busier! Jake's had a full week as well working on group projects. We are excited to hit up another of the $5 October Student Movie Nights with free popcorn at The Grand tonight to celebrate his finishing of a big paper and my exams! It's his turn to pick the movie and we will be seeing Bad Granpa - I posted the trailer below. I'm also excited to see Brielle for the first time in at least a week!! 

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