Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forever 21 Finds

I hate going into Forever 21. I dislike the smell, the racks upon racks of clothes, the massive amounts of products they have, and I never seem to find anything. Some of my friends describe Forever 21 as "hit or miss," and no matter how much I hate the store I still always take a quick walk through when I'm at the mall "just in case." 

I had one of those "hit" moments the other day. I only went to the mall because I had just ordered an excursion vest from JCrew with a discount I had, and I wanted some things to wear it with. I was distracted when I went to Forever 21 and instead found some fun fall sweaters, a button up silky shirt, bracelets, and flats.

*The jeans, the watch, and the red plaid shirt aren't from Forever 21.

Forever 21 is fun sometimes because they offer cheaper alternatives to designer styles. For example, check out these designer flats: 
 (found at shopbop.com) 

Now Check out Forever21's alternatives

The cranberry ones below were the ones I bought ... they didn't have the ones shown above in the Lincoln store. 

In case you're on the edge about buying shoes with a strap, here's an article about the illusion of longer legs they create.  


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