Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The site is still under construction as I find time to make the links clickable and linked to blog posts. 

In the meantime I've been trying to work to get a few posts up here and there. I honestly haven't opened my laptop since I last posted on this blog.

My typical day consists of :

6:15 AM - Wake up, brush teeth, make sure hair is decent-looking, moisturize face, make coffee, grab                      breakfast bar and picture books to read to my three-year-olds
6:30 AM - Out the door and off to elementary school for the before school program
8:15 AM - Leave the school and head to daycare
1:15 PM - Leave daycare and head home for a quick lunch
1:45/2:00 PM - Head to the YMCA to haul stuff to the elementary school for the after school program
6:00 PM - Leave the elementary school, cook dinner, and catch up with Jake
7:00 PM - Dishes, clothes, or cleaning (Or Flappy Bird, Facebook, and Candy Crush)
8:00 PM - Netflix or TV shows with Jake
10:00 PM - If I'm not asleep, I'll read for 30 minutes before I head to bed :) 

As you can see - I have a pretty regular routine and haven't made the time to do fun projects to blog about. 

Some of the latest excitement I've had consists of finding children's boogers in my hair. 
What's scary is that I wasn't even grossed out; I just picked them out like it was no big deal.

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