Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. Friday, Jake and I had a late dinner at Vincenzo's (our favorite) and went to see Ali and Brielle on their birthday! Saturday we had a delicious brunch for their birthday at The Green Gateau and the rest of the weekend I bummed around mostly. Monday LPS did not have school so I was happy to be able to meet up with Mom and Anna after my shift at the daycare.

Tousled Braids for date night 
(Tutorial here )

Valentine's day gift - a gold, dainty wishbone

An "I love you" book that I teared up while reading to my 3 year olds
 (When I was finished they asked "Can we read a happy book now Miss Allie?")

A special surprise from one of my daycare kiddos

A "Love on the Run" message in a bottle typed up by my husband and delivered at my door

I also attempted a new homemade chili recipe - and it was AMAZING. I had planned to put the recipe on here, but once I realized how good it was I decided to keep it my little secret. So I shopped for the 35 ingredients and worked all day cooking this up.

Served it Cincinnati style and added the cilantro sour cream on top. Yum!

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