Saturday, March 29, 2014

In Recovery

After a fun-filled few days with Uncle Puddin last week, and Jake's spring break this week it's almost time for everything to return to normal. I didn't take a spring break ( I did, however, have the best week working at both jobs this week with some new people) and Jake worked at his job at NTC and had two 15 page papers and another 5 page paper that he worked on this week. 

We kicked back and relaxed Thursday with a $5 show and free popcorn at the opening of the new DLX screen that opened at the grand downtown.  (The screen is 3 stories!)

We went to Noah, and naturally (because of it's biblical ties), it's received tons of controversial reviews.  The director was a self-proclaimed atheist and even said in the Washington Times that it's the "least-biblical biblical film". (Probably because of the imagination necessary to make an action-packed movie) But you know what? It's still a good "show" and never does the movie claim to be a true story; the trailer and the movie both say "based on the story of Noah. The real story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis".

I would not call it an "athiest movie", that's a bit extreme. Jake and I kept the Genesis story in our hearts while watching the dark movie and there were some things that I liked about the movie. I highly recommend seeing this movie whether you head to the theater or wait for it in Redbox. 

I liked: the way the stress on Noah from his task was portrayed (it's emotionally difficult to build an ark and watch literally everyone and everything die-we forget that sometimes), the way the "evil-ness" of the world was portrayed (obviously if God is wiping out the world it has to be bad), the awesome ark, the animals flocking, the imagined scenarios that offered some sort of answers to curious peoples' questions (like drugging the animals (with herbs) so it's not chaos on the ark, the help of God in building the ark, the armies that tried to attack and join Noah and his family, etc.). 

I disliked: The character of Noah (mean, cold, dark, homicidal, and confusing), the "hallucinatory herbs" he used to communicate with God (although historically in most other religions - that's how people did/do communicate with their God(s)), the Transformer-like qualities of the fallen-angels, the fallen angels, Hermione had a very large role for a movie called "Noah", and the fact that on the ark there was only one woman (other than their mom) who could be a mother.
The title of this post is called "In Recovery" because Jake had his 1 wisdom tooth removed Tuesday - local anesthesia. Although it would have been funny to videotape him after "going under" he decided he wanted to be able to drive home afterwards. In addition, (said with slight sarcasm) I survived a bunch of immunizations and blood tests that were required for medical school yesterday. My deltoid still hurts from my Tdap and Jake has pain usually at night, but we are doing great! 

We are off for a walk to enjoy this beautiful weather today, and then we are going to try our hand at Chipotle - copycat chicken burritos. 
(Post will follow) . 

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