Friday, April 18, 2014

easter eggs

At the elementary school yesterday we made a ton of dyed easter eggs, and I was so amazed at how intrigued the kids were the whole time. Of course, many families have spent years decorating eggs, but for me, those memories have always been some of my favorites. I'm sad I can't dye eggs with mom this year and end up being jealous afterwards of how much better hers turned out. 

I wasn't expecting the kids to be so excited about the one egg that they could decorate with crayons/rubberbands/dye etc. but they absolutely loved it - they even thanked me personally for letting them do that today and for cooking the eggs. 

I hard boiled most of those 135 eggs in between my jobs today. Then I read about how you can also do them in the oven, so once I got to school I put some in there too. The teacher's lounge oven leaked brown drippings so those egg shells were speckled - I told the kids they were dragon eggs. (My new Game of Thrones addiction is showing. Earlier today I googled "how to make dragon easter eggs" and "how to do Daenerys hair.") 

After I got off work I realized that I wanted to dye eggs too, and I wanted my three year olds at daycare to experience this as well! (How cool would it be if I was the first one they dyed eggs with??!)  So I made a quick trip to Super Saver, boiled more eggs,  and begged Jake to partake in the activity with me. 

Jake's eggs:

At work, I watched a great tutorial on how to blow out the contents of an egg. With Jake's help, I decided to quick shoot my own video tutorial. Enjoy. Please ignore my no makeup face, fashion choice, and the folded laundry in the background that Jake still needs to put away. 

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