Friday, April 18, 2014

spring cookies

I am obsessed with how cute these tiny cookie sandwiches are. I used this recipe for the sugar cookies, and Martha Stewart's buttercream frosting. I also used a Wilton's gel food coloring, since they produce such a rich and pretty color. 

These cookies are absolutely delicious!!

Jake refers to this stage as the Play-Doh stage.

With Jake's help, we rolled them all into small balls and then rolled them in sugar. The recipe makes around 80 small cookies 
(40 constructed sandwiches).

The cookie recipe made the cookies puff up in the oven and they wouldn't puff back down on their own so I just took my spatula and pressed them down when they were still hot. 

(Left are cooked, right are uncooked)

Let them dry on the rack once they are finished and pipette the frosting in the middle. 
(Spreading with a knife is probably too messy. You could also use Ziploc bags with a hole cut out to put the frosting in the middle)

While the frosting was still wet, I added some sugar crystals too the outsides.

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