Wednesday, February 25, 2015

road trip and shopping

Last Friday I drove up to visit my husband in Minneapolis and I came back yesterday afternoon. We had the best time! Although I spent a great deal of time at his desk studying for the exam I had today, we did manage to enjoy some great food and get some shopping done! I did a poor job with photos, but I'll share anyway.

Finally, my childhood dream came true and I visited the American Girl store (I mean, it's not Chicago's but still) and bistro! I told Jake all of the girl's stories as we browsed, but unfortunately the only girls I knew are in the "old" category that they call "BeForever" ....but still.

He definitely wants one.

Another store I was looking forward to visiting was Lush, to restock up on my favorite body bars, but I was so disappointed with the actual store (still LOVE the products). First, the store was tiny and there was hardly any selection in stock. I hope that the Omaha store will be larger and carry more than three types of bath bombs. Second, it was crowded and hot, and when you have pricey products that will melt, this is a problem. Most of these types of products melted when I touched them. Third, how gross is it that people are picking up, smelling, and touching things that you will rub on your body as lotion or soap or use in your bathtub! Luckily, Jake carefully dug to the back of the piles to pick out the ones that probably hadn't been touched. 

Not as large of a soap selection as I'd hoped.

Still walked away with some goods though! 

My second favorite store was full of planners and unique office supplies, Jake and I both probably could have walked out with a cart full of decor and office supplies, but we didn't! 

Also, check out this fun restaurant ! Look at all of this soda and beer!

Yes Ale-8 was here!

P.S. If you watched ABC's SharkTank this past Friday you surely saw "the biggest shark fight in history" that caused three sharks to leave the room! Christopher Gray presented his Scholly app, and he was a member of my 2010 National Coca Cola Scholars class (a small percent of the 1 million + dollars worth of scholarships that he earned),  and it made me so happy to see a fellow Coca-Cola classmate doing so well (we all spent a week in Atlanta together)! His app was already doing great before this, but after the show it went to #1, even above Trivia Crack - if you are in need of scholarships check Scholly out! 

If you missed it, catch Gray's SharkTank Clip here :

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