Wednesday, February 18, 2015

valentine's day

Last week, after my exam, I had the chance to visit Fairbury (I could watch my classes online), and even though it was just a short stay I had so much fun not worrying about school and catching up with so many people. I visited mom at school, and although those kids had way more energy then I remembered, I still had an enjoyable couple days. She sent me back with my favorite girl scout cookies, dad's chili, and candy! 

I also booked a trip to Playa Del Carmen for June. With Jake working so much each week, and me not really giving myself much time to do things other than study, it will be so great to get away, read a book and lay on the beach! 

Friday at midnight Jake came home and I picked up reverse happy hour Hiro88 sushi and we tried to stay awake and talk but we basically just fell asleep to Friends on the couch. Saturday we were up early for coffee and donuts. Then we worked until the afternoon, but we worked together in my office for once - how romantic! 

A sweet package Jake's parents sent over!

For dinner we tried a homemade spaghetti recipe that didn't turn out as well as we thought it would. The recipe can be found here

My problem was putting too many meatballs in the pan so I couldn't turn them without breaking them. We are huge fans of homemade tomato sauce, but this just ended up tasting like pure tomatoes even though we added all of the seasonings.

Since I haven't blogged in at least a week, here are some shots of the snow I captured before most of it melted.

The parking lot at UNMC wasn't plowed one of the days - these are knee high boots. Shortly after this photo was taken I continued walking in the deep snow because I could, with my boots on of course, and I fell down and had to sit with a wet butt in class.

I'll be road tripping later this week into early next week, I'm so excited! 
(I'll be going if I get enough studying done I should say ) 

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