Thursday, March 19, 2015

schillingbridge cork and tap review

Friday night we were lucky to get to spend some time with C and E in Lincoln. We headed to Fallbrook to eat at Toast, and while reminiscing on the good life I had in that neighborhood when I worked with kids all day at the daycare and elementary school, we spotted this newer restaurant (I think it opened in September) and decided to try it out. 

I think we got there a bit after 8:00 and our wait was around 15-20 minutes before we were seated. The place was completely packed. The place's own beer and wine, the outdoor fire pits, and the outdoor huge brick pizza oven are the main reasons to visit this place.  Between the four of us we tried the Schillingbridge Wheat ale, Chocolate Stout, and their IPA. None of them disappointed. The wine is also supposed to be great, it's made in Pawnee City. 

This photo is taken from their website:

The atmosphere is slightly similar to Toast in that it boasts the freshest ingredients. I tried to order a similar menu item that I would order at Toast for comparison (and I was craving Toast's burger before we got there). At Toast I order a burger with BBQ pork on top, jalepenos, cheddar, and ranch cream cheese. 

Here, I ordered "The Western" which is a burger with Extra Pale Ale beer cheese sauce, Scottish Ale BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, carmelized onions, and I swear there was also brisket on top...but online it doesn't say it comes on it. (If I remember correctly, the brisket that I thought was on it was my favorite part of the burger! Very good!)

Overall we had a great meal with great friends! They were very light on the sauces and cheese, in fact, Evan's didn't even come with the beer cheese sauce at all even though it was supposed to. I mean, I've had better burgers, in fact, across the street at Toast the meat, cheese, seasonings, and bread are all better. (Clearly I'm a huge Toast fan, so eat there first if you go to Lincoln and need good food) 

Jake ordered the "Farm Fresh" burger with bacon, mayo, beer cheese, and an over-easy egg. He enjoyed his too.

The staff at Schillingbridge Cork and Tap was wonderful. They were friendly and nice, and made the whole experience more enjoyable.  The atmosphere is great and I think it will be a fun spot to hang out in the summer with their outdoor space. 

The caramel beer bread pudding did not disappoint!

Find out more about SchillingBridge Cork and Tap here.

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