Tuesday, May 26, 2015

april and may favorites

I bought this concealer in the fall and use it everyday. I found that the concealer I was using before, Benefit Erase Paste, would cover dark circles really well but would reveal my flaky skin under my eyes too much. Erase Paste is a thick product and worked well when my skin wasn't so dry and thin, now I use my erase paste just for acne spots. 

Fake Up Concealer has a chapstick-like, oily rim around the tinted product so when you apply it you are moisturizing that undereye skin too. I've been using it for 5-6 months and it's not even half gone yet. I definitely highly recommend this the next time you run out of concealer. 

benefit fake up concealer review

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and Tinted Lip Color

These are my favorite lip color products. I got this set with a gift card in Minneapolis when I went this past winter, and it includes the samples shown below. The Rose and Tulip colors are a light and dark pink  that are wonderful because they don't look like lipstick and they aren't as shiny as lipgloss, but they add a good color to your lips and moisturize better than any chapstick I've ever used. 

The products are made of oils and even include hyaluronic filling spheres that supposedly plump a little too. No parabens, sulfates, etc. The lip polish is a sugar scrub for exfoliation and has oil for moisture ...you could potentially home make this, but probably not as well. It's good to use before applying any lip color to keep it lasting longer.

Fresh Sugar lip treatment review sugar rose

3. Three Happiness Express

This place is amazing, and it's my second favorite Chinese restaurant in Omaha (behind Five Spice). Three Happiness Express is located on 50th and Leavenworth and I had to list it as a April/May favorite because there was one week that I ate it for four meals in a week (one entree can get you at least 2 meals). It's priced $3-7 lower than competitors, it's delicious, and it's right by UNMC. 

They definitely deserve their  "2015 Best of Omaha" win. I took Jake there and we agree their flavors and seasonings in the crab rangoon filling are the best we've had anywhere, so order extra of those if you go. The Crunchy Chicken or the General are our favs.

Three Happiness express Omaha review

4. Mrs. Renfro's Peach Salsa

Jake and I love salsa, and Mrs. Renfro's does salsa right. Our Hy-Vee recently expanded their Mrs. Renfro's Salsa flavor collection and now it even takes up an entire row! We've tried the Pomegranate Salsa but this Peach one tops my list so far. 

P.S. Jake and I aren't fan's of Mrs. R's nacho cheese collection, we now avoid those.

Mrs. Renfro's Peach Salsa Review

5. Midnight Fleur by Nest

This was another purchase from months ago in Minneapolis. It's been my favorite scent the past few months. Check out the scent the next time you are in a department store or Sephora and I'm curious to see what you think. It's a woodsy, dark, romantic, floral scent, and is might be too strong for the summer months but oh well.  

nest midnight fleur review

I'm working on my summer reading list and some crafty projects, stay tuned.

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