Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Return from Mexico

Early Monday morning after a long delay at the airport we arrived back in Omaha. Today I'm finishing up my laundry from the trip. We had a fun time, and the resort had many ups and downs (find me on Tripadvisor or search Tripadvisor Sandos Playacar to read my specific review and complaints once it's published in a few days). Also suffering now from a bit of Montezuma's revenge I'm not in the mood to go back to Mexico anytime soon.

Unfortuantely most beaches along this coast at the moment are covered in seaweed, I read it had something to do with climate change and global warming. It also makes the water much less clear. The workers tried to keep it cleaned up though.

It stormed the last day, and the waters got pretty rough, but it was pretty.

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