Wednesday, February 24, 2016

my favorite apps

Besides snapchat and instagram, here's a list of my most used apps at the moment.

1. iBotta
Jake and I both love using this app. It's easier than coupons (works well for busy people) and it's free money for buying things you already planned on buying. The deals each week vary but any brand frozen pizza, tomatoes, onions, milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper, beer, and wine are a few examples that are there to earn some money back with those purchases. We have also got a deal for buying a Budlight with a dinner at any restaurant. We've made about $40 so far, and didn't go out of our way for this. We just scan our receipt after we shop and each week our earnings accumulate. If you want to go out of your way you can browse the app and product brands before you shop and really get some money back. 

If you want to check it out and MAKE $10 by just joining (applies after you use your first rebate) use this code as a referal link: ovvqhkn (Referal Code goes in the last box when you register - see below)

Become Jake's friend on ibotta and we can get team goals (I operate under his name). The more our team earns the more we make! 

*this is not sponsored! It's an app we use and it just gives you an incentive for joining from the company

2. Quizlet and Firecracker (flashcards)
Both of these are flashcard apps and I spend a few hours every day going through them. Firecracker has spaced repetition material from the last 1.5 years and also really helps reviewing material from class. For Quizlet, I use flashcard sets other people have made and a few I've made to remember random specific details from class.

3. Buddha Quotes
I'm not quite sure what gave me the idea to download this app but I enjoy reading the little messages each day. It probably would be great if I read a daily Bible verse on my phone, but some of these messages come from the Bible as well. 

4. Merged!
This was just one of those top apps in the app store I downloaded to kill time when I was waiting for things and didn't want to do flashcards. I ended up becoming addicted. It's very mindless, sometimes I listen to pharm lectures after I've already studied them while playing this.

5. Audible
This app is an old favorite that I haven't used lately, but I included it because Jake enjoys his audible app still. Audible is a company that has audio books. I never thought audio books were that interesting but I loved listening to them on the treadmill (time flew by) and on long car rides. Jake likes listening to his during his commutes. I signed up two of my e-mails (and two different credit cards), downloaded my two free books, and then quit the program but I still got to listen to my books. (So if you want to try it and don't want to pay that's the way to go!)

The only audio books I like really are the ones that are autobiography of funny people because they narrate them and it seems like a conversation with a friend not like a book. Amy Poehler "Yes Please" and Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants" were both hilarious and interesting when they narrated the book themselves with special guests. They actually both have really interesting stories from their childhood!

Here's another tip: If you subscribe for the $14 a month  and then cancel after paying the first month or two , a message will pop up that says "Are you sure you want to quit? Continue now for only $7 a month" (or something like that) and then you get a cheaper rate the rest of the months. That worked for us anyway. Enjoy!

6. Safe Eats
Okay this app is really only useful if you have a food allergy and even then it comes with some limitations. Basically it has my allergen info saved and I can scan any barcode at the grocery store and it eads the ingredient list for me and gives me a green success message or a red no message. The drawback with this app is that it doesn't know all of the cross contamination from factories possibilities, but it's still helpful. Also, sesame can legally be labeled as a "spice" so it would only pick up on that allergen if it's clearly stated on the label. 

Do you have any favorite apps? Comment below if you have a favorite - I'll want to check it out!

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