Monday, February 22, 2016

our favorite guacamole

I'm a new fan of guacamole and avocados, and I've just recently discovered how delicious an avocado can be this last year. Our favorite guacamole recipes involve freshly mixed ingredients including the one we made last Saturday night. I seriously used to think just about every ingredient in this was "gross" but once I actually tried it all I fell in love.

We made this to accompany nachos, but we both agree that you know you did well when the guacamole is better than the cheese on top. The recipe we used is below, I'd love to hear your favorite in the comments below if you have a "go to" for guac! 

2 large avocados
2 Roma tomatoes chopped
1 small onion chopped (we use 3/4 of it)
1/2 of a jalepeno finely chopped
1/2 of a lime
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp cumin
2 tablespoons of chopped cilantro
2-3 cloves of Garlic minced

Mix/mash the avocados with a fork or potato masher and squeeze the 1/2 lime over them. Add the salt and cumin and stir.  Add chopped tomatoes and onion, finely chopped jalepeno pieces, cilantro, and garlic and stir. Set in fridge for 30 minutes - 1 hour to let the flavors blend. 

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