Saturday, March 5, 2016

february favorites

Here were some of my favorite things from last month

Pretty orchids I've been great at keeping alive for a couple months now! (Hope posting this doesn't jinx it).

Jake and I love La Mesa (in December we had a weekly Wednesday tradition - our waitress knew our orders when we sat down), but I especially love the detail in the painted chairs, tables, and the cute fountain in the center. Also, it smells like chlorine when you walk in (from the fountain) so you can pretend you are poolside.

These candles were burned the last half of November up until late February and they are my favorite overall winter candles. The Birchwood Pine one from Nest lasted forever and I went through two of the Bath and Body Works "Comfort Fireside" candles. This kept the place smelling like a smokey fireside or a pine forest all winter long.

My absolute top favorite from February is Piyo. We got this program at Christmas and I started it in January. Since then, I've only taken one week off and each week I've become more obsessed with it. I've never been addicted to working out, but this has done it for me, because the muscle building I've done in these past couple months is remarkable (compared to how I started). I'm currently transitioning my diet and hope to see more results soon! 
(More on this program to come in a later post). 
Contact Lauren Albin on Facebook for more info about anything teambeachbody or if you want to learn more about other programs that could work this well for you!

As I mentioned in my last post, Jake and I made our Sunday afternoons movie time last month and that's been a fun time for us. We love reading and we equally love watching the stories that people tell through film, so this was a nice Sunday tradition last month. 
P.S. Yesterday we watched ROOM and it was knock-your-socks-off good (emotional, but good). Bree definitely deserved best actress, we even think the young boy should have been nominated for best actor.

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